Chapters Dowsing Conference Manual

1.    The most important part of preparing for a dowsing conference is to select a site that has sufficient meeting rooms, sufficient hotel or motel rooms for the attendees, and has eating facilities such as a cafeteria or restaurant. It should also have a large room close to the registration area for the vendors. If planning a dowsing school on Thursday arrange for outdoor space to conduct the school.

    a.    Have an airport available for attendees and speakers.
    b.    Have bus or limo service available to conference site.
    c.    Secure a special conference room rate.
    d.    Get good area for registration.
    e.    Dowse that this site will satisfy the majority of the attendees and speakers and will be for the highest and best good 
         of the chapter.

2.    The next important part is to select a date for the conference preferably starting on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday afternoon. Make sure the date doesn't conflict with any other dowsing conference in the USA so that dates can be announced in the ASD quarterly. Also check with your local chamber of commerce to verify that no unusually special event is being planned in your area at that time. You want to get as many local attendees as possible. You don't want a dowsing conference within 700 miles of another one that currently is being conducted. Recommend holding summer conferences up North and winter conferences in the South. Because of site changes the good August date of the Vermont conference got moved too close to the West Coast conference. Remember that we become members of a large family of dowsers and plan to visit another conference to spend time with our friends. It becomes one of our vacation plans.

3.    The next thing to plan is the invitation of speakers which should be done at least six months before the conference. Ask every member of your chapter to suggest a speaker that they have heard speaking that impressed them. After getting this list together, the committee should dowse which ones would be able to speak at this conference and would be willing to do so. Decide ahead of time how many speakers to schedule to speak at the same time. If starting a new conference, it would be best to schedule only one at a time and maybe two on Saturdays. Also ask headquarters of ASD for recommendations. After you have held several conferences, you can consider adding more speakers in each time slot. Mail out a form to each speaker telling them that they have been approved as a speaker for your conference and requesting information as to the title of the talk and biographical data. Allowing them to email this information is most helpful as practiced by Nicolas Finck at West Coast so it can be transferred easily to the conference computer. Now with the phone cameras also ask for a picture to be included in the brochure.

4.    Then the committee should dowse on each speaker asking the question, "For the highest and best good of this conference would this person be slated on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?" After getting enough slotted for each day, then dowse on what order they should be arranged. After getting this schedule in order, have someone not on the committee dowse if this schedule is for the highest and best good of the conference. If getting a "NO" answer, have this member dowse on each day to locate any problem until the day is selected and the order has been changed to get a "YES" answer. This way the Universe is making the final decisions and you know the conference will be a success.

5.    Plan a children's program that includes beginning dowsing classes on the pendulum and "L" rod along with spoon bending, board breaking, 2 finger lifting of people off a chair, etc. Children learn dowsing much faster than adults because they don't know it can't be done. Spoon bending classes fascinate the kids and they all can do it even though the adult leaders have problems doing it. Getting the children involved makes it much easier for families to plan attendance at the conference as  a vacation.

6.    After getting all the details arranged, prepare a conference brochure giving the full details of housing, how to drive there, what airport to use, that bus or limo from the airport to the site, and as much information that you can squeeze into a brochure that can be mailed out first class for 37 cents. First class brochures get returned when they are not delivered. Also if there is a record of a new address, you can enter this information into the computer for mailing labels.

7.    Decide whether or not to include vendors that are not speakers. If you do decide to do this, ask for at least $65.00 for the space for the 4 days plus 10% of the gross proceeds. You can also decide whether to ask the speakers to remit 10% of their gross proceeds keeping 5% for the chapter and remitting 5% to ASD for their help in promoting the conference.

8.    Consider setting up a door prize drawing for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings after the evening session to finance a short party of finger foods, wine, and beer. Get speakers and vendors to donate prizes that can be raffled off to finance these sessions. Have several helpers sell tickets throughout the conference. If the house requires a banquet on Saturday night as a condition of holding the conference, make sure the last speaker session is over by 4:00 pm so that the banquet can start at 6pm. This way the program can be over by 9pm and the raffle can start immediately thereafter in the same room or an adjoining room. Close this session at no later than 11pm. Get enough volunteers to man the tray tables and dispensing of the beer and wine. After the raffle get someone to play the guitar and have a sing-a-long.

9.    Have volunteers man each entrance to sessions, banquet, and after session parties so that only people with badges are allowed in. Sessions with special outstanding speakers are generally ones that people try to sneak into without going through registration. Send them back to registration because not only is it necessary for the finances of the conference but you get renewal of ASD membership for the next year. It is important that registration for the conference includes the cost of ASD membership for non-members and registration for already members be reduced. Showing membership cards should be required at the registration desk to get the reduced rate. Many times someone wants to only hear one special speaker and wants to sneak in rather than pay registration for that day.

10.    Have professional recording done for all speakers with remote mikes. Arrange runners to bring tapes to the copying desk for reproduction after each speaker has finished his/her talk. Have volunteers at the copying desk take orders and keep track of all orders and give a free tape to each speaker. Have credit card recorders for registration and tape order desks. Bring cash from each desk to the hotel's safes each evening with one person responsible for doing this. Have one person responsible to bring cash for making change to both desk at the beginning of the conference. If there is a bank close to the conference site, open an account there and plant to bank Friday and Saturday mornings to reduce the amount of cash on hand. Have one person checking with vendors and speakers on Sunday afternoon to collect their 10% of gross proceeds if you have decided to do this.

11.    Several weeks before the conference, ask John Van Drie to get permission from the Universe to send his Guides to keep the rain away during the four days of the conference so that if a dowsing school is scheduled outside, it will be a pleasant conference so that if a dowsing school is scheduled outside, it will be a pleasant conference with sunshine all four days.
    a.    Also clear the entire conference site of all entity attachments and send them to the Light. Then place a 100' circle of protection around the entire site including the hotel with a reflective surface on the inside and the outside reflecting all evil back to its source in the form of LOVE allowing love to flow back and forth through this protection and beyond that place enough Guardian Angels to enforce this protections.
    b.    Get permission from the Universe to place a 10' circle of protection around all of the attendees to the conference from the time that they leave home, attend the conference, and return home.
    c.    Promote hugging and the energy of the conference will dramatically increase.

12.    Get Ribbon from West Coast Conference for ordering from low cost venders including badges.